S3E7 - The Encounter - Chapter 7

Now you see them. Now you don't... (Book 3)

Chapter 7 of The Encounter, part 3 of Animorphs Aloud, a fan-produced read-aloud version of the Animorphs series.

Hey, look, I exist again! I'm hoping to get a huge chunk of chapters done over the next few weeks so I can have regular releases again for a while. But in other news, there are actual, official Animorphs audiobooks out there now! The first two books are out and the next several are in production. Please support the official releases by either buying them or checking them out from Hoopla via your local library! They're pretty good! (Though I like my versions a bit better, cause I'm prejudiced. :) )

Find out more at https://animorphs-aloud.pinecast.co

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