S4E1 - The Message - Chapter 1

Sometimes you have to change a little more than your mind...

Chapter 1 of The Message, part 4 of Animorphs Aloud, a fan-produced read-aloud version of the Animorphs series.

Summary: Cassie has dreams of an Andalite trapped under the ocean. Is it a true call for help? Or a trap by the Yeerks?

What's this? A new Animorphs Aloud episode?? Yes, I have finally decided to return to it! (Thanks in part to a couple of very complimentary fans emailing me.) I wasn't sure if I should continue the series at first, partly because I've been very busy with back-to-back audiobooks of my own, but mostly because I didn't want to detract from the now-official Animorphs audiobooks that are available! (Please support official releases!) However, it's been long enough since the official book 4 that I don't think I would be competing with it anymore.

My current plan is to release one chapter about every week; if things get hectic, certain chapters may take a little longer.

Thanks for listening!

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